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makeup tag.

1. When did you first start wearing makeup?

I think I started when I was 16. not too early.

2. How did you learn to put on makeup?

honestly I just remember my mom kinda telling me
how to apply foundation. but that’s really it, I gradually learned how to do everything myself by watching tutorials and experimenting.

3. Favorite Brand?

urban decay.

4. Do you like wearing foundation & if so, which do you use?

i do, I like having a smooth/even complexion; I usually get that result by mixing estee lauder’s double wear in shell with almay’s clear complexion liquid makeup in buff.

5. Favorite lipstick, lip-gloss and lip liner? 

i’m not too big on expensive lip products but revlon and estee lauder have some nice ones.

6. Do you like/wear false lashes? If yes, strip or individual?

nope. I wouldn’t mind trying them for a night out somewhere though.

7. Favorite eye shadow color? 

I really like crystal, sin, and gravity from the urban decay book of shadows 4 and then woodstock from the rollergirl palette.

8. What’s your favorite daytime look?

any kind of neutral look, with a brown liner and the blackest mascara.

9. Do you have a makeup collection:

it’s not huge but it’s been growing lately. I like using everything until there’s no more product left and I have to buy more.

10. Favorite makeup brush? 

the sigma f80 flat top for overall foundation.

11. Do you like wearing bronzer?

on random days, yes.

12. Favorite mascara?

covergirl lashblast.

13. Where do you keep your makeup?

in clear drawer compartments.

14. Favorite YouTube guru(s)?

sam schuerman :)

15. Do you wear blush? 

yes :)

16. Do you copy any of the celebrity’s makeup?


17. Favorite makeup artist?

gossmakeupartist on youtube.

18. What’s your favorite nighttime look?

a smokey purple or brown eye with gold flecks, winged gel liner, and mascara.

19. Favorite concealer?

I don’t really have one, I like garnier’s under eye anti-dark circle roller ball.

20. Favorite eye shadow primer?

Urban decay primer potion in original.

21. Where do you buy your makeup?

walmart, or online. hautelook/ebay/urban decay online.

22. Favorite toner?

simple’s soothing toner. it’s a UK brand sold in america, or the body shop’s tea tree toner.

23. Favorite eye shadow palette?

I can’t choose. i’m gonna say urban decay’s book of shadows volume 4.

24. Which do you like: cream, matte, powder, sheer, or shimmer eye shadows?

I like shimmer, satin, matte, and loose shadows.

25. Favorite eyeliner?

urban decay 24/7 liner, I wish the staying power was a little bit stronger though.

26. Do you wear makeup everyday? 

whenever I’m going out to work, etc, then yes.

27. Favorite powder?

Too Faced powder foundation in vanilla creme.

28. Favorite makeup remover?

extra virgin olive oil.

30. Would you go somewhere without wearing makeup? 

depends, if i have to go somewhere for like 5 minutes then no but if i’m out for a while or idk how long, then yes.

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Limited Edition - LORAC Bejeweled Day & Night Jewelry Box ($415 Value) - $56
What it is:
A keepsake jewelry box that contains all the gorgeous red-carpet makeup on your wish list. 

What it does:
This dazzlingly embellished jewelry box features two beautiful, high-shine lip glosses, a radiant bronzing powder, two eyeliners in brown and black, and two versatile eye shadow palettes for both day and night. 

This set contains:
- 2 x 0.02 Eye Liner Pencils in dark brown and black
- 2 x 0.23 oz High-shine Lip Gloss in Rose and Peach
- 0.53 Bronzer in Bronze
- Face Palette for Day: 16 x 0.38 oz Eye Shadows plus Blush
- Face Palette for Night: 16 x 0.38 oz Eye Shadows plus Blush 

Source: Sephora.com

just purchased two. <3

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I heart urban decay.

they had a sale going on so I had to jump on a few things.

Book of Shadows IV $44 from $64

24/7 Shadow Pencil Stash $12 from $34

The Quinceañera Bag $9 from $26

plus a coupon code for $15 off and free shipping because I obviously spent $50. but considering I’m getting 5 shadow pencils, a beautiful spacious travel bag, 16 eye shadows (that I don’t have), a mascara, a full size liner, and the original primer. that’s a deal for me. besides, their website says “TREAT YO SELF” so I did. lmfao ;D

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i’m a complete slacker when it comes to updating sometimes. boooooo. but one thing I am happy to mention is my new mini splurge on sigmabeauty.com. I had to get the flat top synthetic kabuki…otherwise known as the infamous f80 foundation brush everyone’s been raving about since forever, it’s a must have for me though because I’ve been currently using a sample of estee lauder double wear and it can be a pain to apply because of it’s thick consistency. (I love it anyway, great coverage and a good range of tones between warms and cools to choose from). Also took the opportunity to get the sigmax duo with the matte handles; includes the two brushes (f82 and f84) for $24. I just thought…why not. those are brushes I really need anyway. I used the coupon code LOVE2012 for a 10% discount…so check into these brushes if you wear any type of liquid/cream/powder foundation. when I get them in the mail, i’ll be doing a review of all three. xo

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